What Is Life?

What is life? Is it a gift? A blessing? A dream? The only Reality? Temporary? A test? A battle?

This is something many debate on and many want to know the answer to. Life is difficult to understand, but the moment one starts realizing what life really is, it becomes extremely easy to comprehend its meaning.

Simply put, life is a journey. But why?

This is exactly what we will try to figure out today.

What Happens In Life?

Let’s first start by understanding what really happens in life. We are born into this world with only basic needs. As we grow, we start having wants along with needs. When we reach adulthood, we start having goals, wants, needs, and everything else is in the mix too. Then old age strikes.. And? What happens after that? Well then it’s mostly downhill. Wants are taken over by needs again and the human body starts shutting down or comes closer to its expiration date. Basically the body gives up on the beings. However, this timeline doesn’t apply to everyone as certain people leave before time. Nevertheless, everyone leaves. So change happens in life, and it happens constantly. Hence, CHANGE is constant in life.

And what isn’t constant in life? Everything else. To get a clear picture, think about this, our body doesn’t stay the same because it keeps growing with time. Or maybe status remains constant? Well that also changes. And? Thinking changes, tastes change, we grow grey hair and weak bodies, and so on. That’s all? No. The people around change. The situations change. Circumstances, and everything else in the surroundings. From cradle to grave, a lot happens.

Where Else Is Change Constant?

It has been established that change has been constant in life. While everything else is anything but constant. Now let’s try to figure out that where else in general, change is constant, so that we can understand what life really is.

Change always happens during a journey. How so? Well because when on a journey, the view changes, the scenery changes, the location changes. And? The people around. The weather. We even age as we move along the journey.. And? Time changes, days go by. Our mood changes. We get to learn things. We even change internally. After all, journeys do teach a thing or two. So nothing is continuous in a journey.. just like it is in life. A perfect comparison. Right?

You see, it’s happening! You, I and the world around is changing even as you read this, it’s moving, and it’s not stopping. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that life is, in fact, a journey.

Speed Of This Journey?

Going further, since life is a journey, then what is the speed of this journey? We all have a speed at which we travel. Right? So what is the speed of life then?

Well, speed of life is time!

See time keeps on moving. It doesn’t stop for anyone, it never has and it never will. It will keep on passing by. For some people their speed is fast (i.e time goes quickly for them and they reach their end in this body faster than others). While for others, time goes a bit slow (they reach the end in this body at maybe their old age). Some of us are crawling, some running, some walking, and some just moving very slow towards the destination, but we all are making progress.

So believe it or not, this life is in reality a one-way journey. There is no going back, no U-turns, time is only taking us forward. And? The more we keep on travelling, the more this journey is reaching its end.

What Are We Then?

If life is a journey, what does that make us?

It makes us travellers. Travellers on this journey of life.. However, in this specific journey, there are no stops, no breaks… it’s going on and it will keep on going. Even when we want to take a break in our journey (life), the speed (time) doesn’t stop. And what happens if the speed doesn’t stop? Well it simply means we keep on travelling. Even if we ever deiceded to take a mental break, the body will still keep growing old and our journey won’t end until it actually does.

Think about it, when we go on a vacation, we take a break from our daily routine. However, we still don’t get a break from life because life is still going on. We are getting older, days are passing by, the world is spinning, the clock keeps ticking and our time is running out with every tick, every blink of an eye and every breath of fresh air. We are losing time.

Then how does one know that they are reaching the destination? Does age define that? No. Nothing can really tell when this journey will exactly stop. It’s something we don’t have control over.

However, we might not have the choice to stop travelling here, but we do always have a choice to decide how we want to travel. We can travel happily, live every moment and try to be a better person with every passing breath. Or, we can act hopeless and waste our time, living in the memories that have passed.

Who Do We Travel With?

In this journey of life, we meet different people. Some stick with us and some part ways. For some the journey ends and for others the journey takes them somewhere else. But the ones who stick by, they’re constant? No, even they aren’t constant. Not even our family and beloved friends. Why? Well, who can stay with us forever? We ourselves won’t stay here forever. One day or the other, everyone leaves. Either willingly or unwillingly. We might have said ‘till death do us apart’.. But something will eventually intervene, either death or circumstances, and it will convert our forever into just a memory. So at the end, our only travel partner in reality is our soul. Or it’s better to just say that our soul is the actual traveller, not our body.

Moving forward, regardless of whatever road people around us take, their ultimate destination is the same as ours and the ultimate reality remains death. The one thing that all beings have in common is after all death. Everyone has to accept death as a minor stop in the journey of life and understand that the journey doesn’t end with death. Our soul departs from this body and starts its final journey towards meeting the creator (our destination).

Anything else?

Yes, in this journey of life, there is another constant.

“God. He is always there. Regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the struggle or ease, he is always looking down and he sees.  Even the thoughts inside, all that is hidden and all that is known. He knows” – Mehwish S.

So my dear human fellow, in this journey of life on earth and in this body of yours, don’t forget to breathe and look within rather than looking at others. Life can be a beautiful journey or an ugly one. It all depends on how ready and willing we are to make it beautiful or ugly.

Live today as if tomorrow will never come and live tomorrow as if the day after will never be seen

Everything and everyone leaves, but your soul stays with you, and God stays with you. So please God and your soul. Find peace and live a beautiful life.

I hope and pray that you have a great journey.

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