Who are you?  This question is a pretty simple and basic one that you have been asked quite a lot up till now in your life. But what really does define you? Did you ever think about that?

Today, you can get to know a lot about your real self. Let’s first start by describing to you a few common ideas that you have regarding what defines you. Then we can try to figure out what does in reality define you.

  1. Your personality defines WHO ARE YOU

To understand this better, we need to go back a bit in time and see where the word ‘personality’ comes from. The word personality originates from a Latin word ‘persona’. In earlier times, persona was actually a ‘mask’ that was worn by actors. So, the actors would wear the ‘persona’ for whatever character they would want to represent. Hence, quite often the study of personality is also referred to as the study of masks that people wear. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that people can manipulate others easily by putting on this mask at any time and for as long as they like. They can pretend to be a certain way, which is nothing like the persona that they have on. Moreover, you know what.. any smart and experienced (or not) person is very much capable of deceiving you that way. So, that person can quite easily pretend to acquire a personality, which is nothing like you see him/her to be. It is called playing tricks with others.. and most of them out there are really good at it too!

Therefore, the persona you present might also not be WHO ARE YOU in reality. This can be explained further with the use of an analogy. Think of it like this. A tree has two sides. One view is what is above the ground (the visible view) and the second view is what is beneath the ground (the real view). The visible view is actually your personality, whereas the real view is actually quite different from your personality. So, a tree might look strong and beautiful (you might be polite and well mannered) from the visible view. However, it might have weak and small roots beneath it (you might be impolite and rude in reality). This means that the tree is not as strong as it seems to be and any flood might easily be able to remove this tree from its place (certain testing situations might expose your reality). The opposite is also true. The tree might not be strong and beautiful on the outside, but internally its roots are strong and widespread. Hence, during any flood, this tree can withstand its ground despite looking weak on the outside. So, you might look weak on the outside but internally you are stronger than anyone can ever imagine. Hence, do not (never) judge a book by its cover. Moreover, of course a range does exist between these two extremes as well. Nevertheless, whatever the case is, chances are that it will mostly be the opposite of what you see.

Today, in every walk of life people are taught to adapt certain personality traits that might not at all represent who they are in reality. For example, when a sales person comes to you to sell a car or any product such as beauty cream etc.. that person is taught to behave a certain way and adapt a personality, which is nothing like the real personality that person possesses. Similarly, in your day-to-day interactions, you might face an identical situation when you meet certain people who only put on a persona to be a certain way in front of you.

So can your ‘personality’ actually define who you really are? Or is it just a mask that you wear to pretend in front of others? Come to think about it, how can your personality define you when the word ‘personality’ itself refers to a ‘disguise’. Hence, you already know the answer to this. Your personality does not actually define WHO ARE YOU! Then what does?

2.Your status defines WHO ARE YOU

This is a pretty basic one! Initially, you are defined by what you are born into. That includes: Your family, your race, your society, nationality, your ethnicity, your social status, your financial status, your gender, your name, your surname and so on. As you grow older you get to add more to your list of answers to WHO ARE YOU such as: your educational background, the work you do, the amount of money you earn, the value of your assets and so on. You might be born with a weak status but have earned one as you grew older. You might have been born with a good status and might have lost it with age. Or you might be the same status now, as you were when you were born. However, regardless of what your story has been, with every changing phase of your life the answer to ‘Who Are You’ becomes broader for you as you get to add many more of your worldly life achievements to it. The more these achievements, the higher your status. Hence, the better the answer to WHO ARE YOU.

When you are born, you are told to prepare such an answer to this question that would make you seem better than everyone around you. This is so as the answer to this question is going to create an image of you that would define you. Right? So all your life you have been trying to find the best answer to this question so that you feel that you achieved what others could not. However, if at one point in your life you are not able to add another answer to your ‘list of WHO ARE YOU’ then your answer to your identification of self becomes irrelevant to you. All of it because you were not able to update this list according to what this world wanted from you.

So, think about it! Did this answer actually help you find who you really are? No! It did not. Maybe it did help you find who you think you are, but it did not really help you find you. This is so because all these basic answers such as ethnicity, financial status etc.. are just as insignificant in defining you as the question of life existing in any other universe is. You can be curious about that but it would not really matter if you do not have an affirmative answer to aliens living on another planet. Right? You most certainly can also go on living your normal life without discovering the answer to ‘what your status is’ in order to define you.

Now, think about the following questions.. These are simple and easy questions with answers that are even easier than the question itself.

Q.1. Can your ‘fancy’ watch buy you enough time?

Q.2.For how long can your ‘concealer’ cover your wrinkles?

Q.3.Can your ‘fast’ car help you escape death?

Q.4.Can your ‘education’ educate you enough to discover a type of knowledge through which you can live forever?

Q.5. Can your ‘financial status’ help you finance an eternal life?

These questions are just few of the many questions that you can ask yourself. If all of the things you associate yourself with such as your name, your education, your background and so on.. are perishable, then how does it define who you really are? You are you and you are eternal. Eternal beyond this perishable body and world.

Simple Exercise to Help you find yourself

Now, let’s do an easy exercise. Start by thinking that when you look in the mirror, who do you see? It’s really easy to answer right.. but hold on it is not as simple as you think. I am not asking you how handsome/beautiful you are or what’s your race, what brand are you wearing etc.. you know all the things that make you feel great about yourself. NOT TALKING ABOUT THOSE irrelevant things. I am asking you to tell me who do you really see? Who is the real you? Confused? Do not be. You will understand what I am saying in just a moment.

You (like others) might associate your self-identification and who you are to what you own and how you look on the outside. Your self worth defines who are you for you. Then what is your self worth associated with? It is associated with: your superficial self or the YOU that you show to the world.. your outer appearance. Therefore, you can easily DECLARE your existence nothing if you do not have the material things that define WHO ARE YOU for YOU! If you do not possess these materials then your answer to who do you see in the mirror is going to be that you see a NO ONE. However, if you possess all the greatest possessions in the world then your answer to this would be that you see THE ONE. If you are in the middle of the spectrum then you would say that you see SOMEONE… at least not as bad as NO ONE but still not as good THE ONE.

Yes my dear human fellow. I know it is sad but is it true! The reflection you see in the mirror is what you think is the answer to your question: WHO ARE YOU! According to you the only truthful answer to this is: ‘You are what your material possessions present.. even though these possessions are not eternal just as you are not, yet the image you attain in front of the world after owing these possessions would represent the only person you can ever be! This is who you are, You are what you own, You are your possessions’’

This answer seems familiar right? Even if you do not accept it.. your mind will. So let it be.

So, why is it so that you are always denying the reality and are not able to fully accept the truth about yourself? Why is it that you are always trying to cover up your flaws with these possessions? Why is it that you would feel insignificant without owning these possessions? Let me tell you something today.. the answer to who are you lies inside of you and not in this space that you exist in (this planet, your city, your house and your body)!


It is established that you are not your possessions and wealth and what really DOES NOT define WHO ARE YOU including your personality. Now Let’s go on to contemplate what you can be and what actually DOES define you.

To get a clear picture, go back to the ‘mirror’ question, but this time I will ask you to look for something different. I will ask you to look inside of you for the real you. Are you a happy soul or are you a sad one? Are you comical, kind, energetic, affectionate, ill mannered, egoistic, arrogant, stubborn… the list goes on. You can choose your real you and figure out easily who you are.

Moving ahead, now if who you are from within actually did show up on your face then would you look as charming, handsome or beautiful as you look today? Who are you really under these layers and layers of self created and temporary decorations that you have bought for this weak and fragile mud house of yours.. Please do not mind me calling your body a mud house… I wanted to say that this lovely and adorned body of yours. Looks good, neat and in shape! For how long will it be so though?

So my question to you is: Really do you know yourself? Yes you do know your outer self and that is all that you know… But who is inside of you?

Let’s see. Inside of you is the real you. You who is not dependent on time and space of this planet earth. The you who will live eternally. The inside of you defines WHO ARE YOU. Your smile on your face does not define you.


The smile in your heart does!

The light in your eyes does!

The passion in your dreams does!

The eternity of your soul does!

The soul which is not defined by and restricted to space and time does!

The soul that exists far beyond the body exists does!

Your inner state of being does!

Your readiness to be immortal out of this body does!

Your acceptability of your flaws and weaknesses does!

Your willingness to change yourself does!

Your ability to control your bad intentions does!

Your ability to be right does!

Your ability to be a human does!

Your ability to shine in darkness does!

Your ability to accept your reality does!

Your ability to change yourself for the better does!

Your ability to be away from wrong does!

Your ability to sleep a peaceful sleep at night does!

Your ability to help others does!

Your ability to be giving does!

Your ability to love selflessly does!

Your ability to be sympathetic does!

Your ability to be strong does!

You know why all this defines who are you? Because this is where the eternal soul exits. INSIDE OF YOU!


“Your body can come to an end but how can you come to an end if who you really are is not defined by possession of your body and material belongings. Instead, who are you is only dependent on the purity or impurity of your soul” – Soulanterns

How are you then today? WHO ARE YOU NOW? This is you, not you from the outside but you on the inside of this flesh of yours (the real you). You who is eternal inside and outside this body of yours!


My Dear Human Fellow,

“Look into your soul today to find your answer to WHO YOU REALLY ARE”- Soulanterns



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