To start with, do these thoughts ring a bell. Why are you here? Did you decide for yourself to be here? What did you do right/wrong to be here? You just cannot comprehend your real purpose to be alive. Right? For certain these thoughts surely must have occupied your mind at least once in your lifetime and the question regarding your existence (WHY ARE YOU) must have left you speechless as well. You might even have transitioned into a state of contemplation!

You have witnessed so many people present to you various ideas regarding your purpose to be alive (the purpose they also believe is their purpose of life). However, none of those ideas seem to make sense to you. Correct? Nevertheless, despite this uncertainty in your mind, you are not able to speak up about your doubts.

To be honest, you cannot be entirely blamed for feeling shy about looking for the answer to this question. This mindset of not speaking up is in reality embedded in the society you live in. This society plays an important part in making you feel that asking such a question would have a negative impact on your social image. However, letting it be and burying these thoughts in your mind will not do you any good. If you want to enjoy your life, you need to stand up and look for answers. You need to stop thinking about and listening to the opinions of others. Instead, you need to be aware of the real reason behind you being a temporary part of this temporary world. Moreover, before you read ahead, you should also know that you are not the first and most certainly not the last person to have thought like this. Therefore, asking this question does NOT in any way, make you an outcast.

Going further let’s go through a few common answers to this question. You can then decide which one best fits you.


Let’s start by shedding some light on the most common answer to this question: You are here just for yourself. So what usually happens is that whenever things are going good in your life .. you are inevitably happy to be here. The answer to this question comes naturally to you and you easily say: I AM HERE TO BE HAPPY AND TO ENJOY MY LIFE! You would say something like “I am going to make the best out my life in every possible way!” Now every possible way at times (most often) does actually mean every possible way. Be that way by hurting others or be it by being selfish! In today’s world, how can you even expect to be different than others? At this day and age every person goes by chanting the slogan: me, myself and I (remember the song?). It is all about you. Right? Your happiness, your needs, your wants, your extravagant desires, your dreams and so on! Yes you got that right it is all about you! The same thing happens when things do not go your way. You are still going to be self absorbed but simultaneously you will develop a negative approach towards WHY ARE YOU and life itself. However, this time you will say the opposite of what you said when you were happy. You will go on saying: You are here to suffer only; Why does this only happen to you; You did not deserve this; You wish you could chose a different destiny for yourself and so on.

The point to notice here is that how you are still only concerned about yourself, your well being and your emotions. Now when you interact with others of your kind (others who are also as self absorbed as you are or even more) then you know what it results in? It results in: incompatibility, disloyalty, failure to find genuine friends/partners, disappointment in building human relations, egoism and selfishness. This in turn leads you to feeling like there is no one out there who can be a part of your joy and happiness (as they all are just like you) and on any sick day you would have difficulty finding the right person to call for help. Then what happens? Another existential crisis for you eventually as you do not have anyone around who loves you selflessly and with whom you can share your highs and lows of life with.

In your desire to achieve all that you wanted to achieve for yourself, you have involuntarily surrounded yourself with people who are self-centered. Moreover, you even lost the few genuine people in your life. Therefore, it is indeed true that “You tend to end up with people like you’’.

So can this be your reason for existence? Can your life revolve just around you? Can your purpose for existence become ‘nothing’ if you face disappointment and on the contrary, you will be ‘on top of the world’ if you achieve success for a brief period of time? You know what, it cannot! Because your reason for existence cannot be as rapidly evolving as your mood and circumstances in life. It has to be something bigger than your day to day trivial issues.


Moving on, there is another possible answer to the question WHY ARE YOU. It can be that you are here to show others how you are better and superior than them. For this reason, you start comparing your life with the life of others around you. Everything becomes relative for you. Right? You might be able to survive a bullet but you just surely cannot survive seeing others doing better than you! That just kills you does it not? Your (so-called) best friend got better grades than you and now you have animosity your heart against him/her! You earn good but not as good as your cousin! You look nice but not as nice as your colleague! You are wearing nice clothes but not as nice as the random stranger across the table! You know where all this leads to? This leads to you feeling like you do not even know anymore the reason for your existence because the reason you were born was to compete with others. Right?

So, what are you going to feel like if at any one point in your life you are not able to achieve what someone else around you has? Are you going to feel like you are not good enough? Yes! you will feel that you are not good enough. You will also feel: lost, useless, alone and left out. Moreover, your life would seem to you as: directionless, purposeless, insignificant and your reason to exist would also cease to exist along with your self-respect.

Now, think about it, do such minor incidences actually make you stop living? Not really. It all depends on how you take failure and how you handle success. It is a normal inborn function of the human brain to eventually survive through all the difficulties and challenges the human faces. The past after all does seem like a faded memory! Does not it? So just as you eat and drink, the same way you are born with the ability to withstand all failures in life and to move on from all your accomplishments. Then why is it such a big deal if you fail? and why do you forget who you are if you accomplish something in life which others could not?

Regardless of how you take failure or success, one thing is certain that your reason for existence cannot and is not as minor as this. You are not a part of this world to compete with others as this race with others has no end. On the contrary, life on this planet has an end. So tell me honestly.. how is it possible for you to accomplish your purpose of existence if your reason to exist does not come to an end but your life does come to an end? Moreover, there will always be someone better than you out there! So you can never win and you do not even have to as life is not about competing with others.

Approaching from the macro level, not only people but countries and communities as a whole also compete with each other. In many developed countries of the modern world, there is an atmosphere of cutthroat competition. Everyone wants to be the best at everything and anything that they do. However, did anyone ever try to understand how individuals (like you) living in those countries feel? How does it feel like when every single day you have to wake up and enter another race with others? And what if you want a day off? Can you get that or will you lose your position because of that?

Each individual feels like he/she has to fulfill his/her purpose of life by competing with others. But is this really your purpose of life? Did you know that according to the ‘World Population Review – 2020’ wealthy and growing nations have a drastically high suicide rate as compared to poor and troubled nations? So, how is it possible that individuals in successful nations who are fulfilling their purpose of life are more prone to killing themselves  as compared to individuals in underdeveloped nations who are not fulfilling their purpose of life? Hence, think about it, does being at the top really feel all that great? or is it exhausting to find yourself all alone there?

Nevertheless, however you may feel, the truth will always remain the same. No matter how much you achieve in life, it cannot make you happy and you will not be able to take any of it with you.


You might be someone who feels like you (the human being), just like all other beings, exists without any purpose! You might also think that your only purpose to exist is to survive on this planet and then leave to ‘nothingness’ just as you came from ‘nothingness’!

Well, let me break it to you! You do have a reason to live. Think about it, when all other beings on this planet have a reason for their existence then how can you not have a reason for your existence? Let’s start with marine life, and do not worry! This will not take long and you will easily get the idea behind this example in just a moment. Coming back to marine life, if you look at sharks, what do you think? Oh they are beasts, they should be killed and other than being monsters they seem to serve no purpose. Right? They are scary and make a great script for many thriller films! They just eat other sea creatures and like to eat humans occasionally as well.. but you know what.. even they have a purpose to exist. They help in maintaining the healthy ocean ecosystem. Fish abundance and healthy coral reefs are dependent on the natural shark population. This in turn leads to those coral reefs generating half of the earth’s oxygen and absorbing nearly one-third of the carbon dioxide generated from burning fossil fuel. You must be thinking how can this (so-called) monster play such a vital role towards the survival of humans. However it is true! Even sharks have a purpose to live.

Moving forward, let’s go to the dry land (your home) and try to understand how even a weird looking insect- a cockroach has a purpose for its existence. Cockroaches play an important role in the ecosystem as they feed on decaying organic matter. This traps a lot of nitrogen in their bodies. Cockroaches then release that nitrogen in the soil, which is then used up by plants. So these seemingly useless and disgusting insects even have a vital role to play of giving back to nature. Did you know that a lot more dirt would pile up on earth without these beings?

So if even cockroaches have a reason for their existence, how can you not? Is your existence even worse than that of a cockroach? IT SURELY IS NOT!! EVEN IF YOU THINK IT IS! Your life has a purpose and you were not just born randomly and will not go to nothingness.

Nevertheless, you cannot be compared to any other being because you are the superior of all beings created since humans are the ‘rational and intellectual beings’. You can use your brain to not only make other creatures assist you in your survival but also to make and invent technology that aids you in improving your standard of living. So technically, all beings have a goal, they someway or the other aid human existence and survival. However, even if they do not, you can use your intellect to make them serve you. That is what you are capable of. Humans even consume food such as fruits and vegetables (created by use of soil and water) and various types of animals (other beings that give nourishment to the human body). Moreover, humans also breathe the oxygen generated by trees. That is pretty simple to understand. Right? Now what is left on this planet that does not in any way or any relation serve you?

So you are totally dependent on everything and every being existing on this planet for your survival. Whereas, other beings can very well and easily survive without you. Still not sure about it? Ok, think about this..Are you born to provide carbon dioxide to trees? Of course not. Or can sharks not survive without you? Of course they can. Therefore, it can certainly be concluded that humans are not made to serve other beings rather other beings are made to serve humans.

Even the things created by you are made for a purpose: to serve you.. such as your mobile phones, cars, laptops, houses etc.. and when you will no longer exist, these material possessions will too no longer be useful.

Going further, in order to get a better idea about WHY YOU DO HAVE A PURPOSE TO LIVE let us look into a few examples. When you start cooking a meal do you have a goal in mind (what you want to cook)? Or do you just randomly start cooking? If you randomly start cooking, what are the chances that you will be able to cook something edible? Similarly, when you prepare a presentation, do you have a goal in mind or do you just prepare a presentation on any random topic without any purpose? Of course you do have a goal in mind and it is important for you to know your goal before you start any task. Even the smallest task such as drinking water is for achieving a goal.. that is of course you want to quench your thirst. Just like every little thing you do in life has a goal, and every little being on this planet has a goal, so do you. Do you not agree now? Or do you still believe that you came here without any purpose?

So, what is so special about you and what is so special about your goal in life? Well, at least you can now clearly see that ‘nothingness’ is not your purpose to live.

So what now?

Now you know that what is not your real reason for existence and also that you do have a reason for existence. Then, do all the minor issues that you fret over really matter? NO THEY DO NOT as they clearly are not your purpose to live. Issues come and go, but the gift of life is far greater than those problems! You need to stop looking at others to find the answer to this question and you need to look within yourself. It is just sad to see how you (along with other humans) are constantly and aimlessly running towards achieving a goal that can only bring you temporary happiness. You need to achieve more and more in life in order to stay happy. However, just as life is temporary so are your goals and so is the happiness related with those goals. Your goals and happiness will cease to exist even before you cease to exist on this planet. So this undoubtedly means that your reason for existence is not to achieve certain goals that do not bring purpose to your life for eternity. However, yes these goals need to be achieved for survival. Hence, it is ok to have such goals on the side. Nevertheless, these goals are not and should not be the center of your existence.

You need to know that the more hate and the more jealousy that exists within you, the more anger grows inside of you which eventually makes you lose your will to live and you forget your real purpose of life. You are then constantly in a state of anxiousness and hate for others!! You need to stop, let it go, find your real reason for existence and figure out what you actually need for your soul to be able to survive beyond the limits of life and death!

Then what is your real reason to exist?

To understand this better, let’s first try to understand what success means. The English dictionary defines success as: The accomplishment of an aim and objective. So, wait! even the word ‘success’ itself is pointing towards an end goal or a destination? Ok, let’s just assume that for you success means to earn a certain amount of money.. so when you achieve that, then you have achieved success? Or did you just achieve success of reaching that specific goal? Ok, so now you have achieved this goal.. then why is it so that after achieving this success you have a new goal in mind? Is it because your goals shift the moment you achieve them? or it simply means that the goals that you have set for yourself are not as great as you thought they would be because when you achieve those goals, you do not find the inner happiness that you were hoping to find.. and even if you say that you did find that inner happiness then why do you run towards achieving the next goal immediately after achieving the current one?.

Think about it, if you did achieve the success and happiness that you were looking for, how long will that source of happiness (achieving your goal) be able to provide you with your ‘dose of happiness’? Has not your source yet gotten exhausted of providing you happiness? Or did you get bored and moved on towards finding a new source of happiness? Either way, you stopped being happy after achieving that goal.

It can clearly be seen from the above mentioned that for you the definition of success has no end. Your meaning of success will keep evolving with your age and experiences but your real reason for existence does not evolve with your age and experiences. It is a fixed goal and the actions you undertake every day determine the outcome of that goal.

So, your purpose of life is not as insignificant as you think! It is far greater than what you could have ever imagined! Your real reason for existence is to find eternal happiness and success. Success not just in this world but the world where your soul will travel to after you die. Just like the souls of your forefathers have travelled. You need to achieve happiness, which does not die with your success, the happiness that is eternal and gives you a reason to smile and live every day better than the previous one! Your real reason for existence is to find success, which is the utmost success, after which success ends, and there can be no greater victory than that accomplishment. The success of your afterlife. That is what your purpose of life is.

Keeping this in your mind and living a life to better your afterlife will automatically turn your worldly life into a place of peace and contentment. Your life will find purpose beyond all the material that makes you assume that you are happy. Your goal is to find that constant state of happiness and peace which the mind and body cannot achieve by just being better than others or by just living a life for yourself. You are born for a great purpose.

You are born to be abundant and to live a life of: giving to others instead of taking from others; loving others instead of hating others; being happy at the accomplishments of others instead of despising others. Give yourself freedom from all the jealousy, gossip and hate of others so that you are no longer a prisoner in your own mind.

You need to ‘live and let live’.

So, My Dear Human Fellow,

Be free.

Learn to let go of all the pain that holds you back from achieving all that your heart desires. Learn to be free from your self-created mental prison. You are you, and you have the power to change your life! So take hold of your life today and embrace your real self.. embrace your soul.

You only get one chance, so love with a big heart and give with a big smile. You will see the world around you change like never before” – Soulanterns

“At the end of your life all that you will take with yourself are your deeds and how people remember you. So make sure to work on these two before time runs out!!”- Soulanterns

Enjoy your life by being charitable and affectionate!! Work towards the betterment of your soul, which is dying inside you every day and taking away your happiness with it. Let it speak to you, let it shine!”- Soulanterns

“You need to live today by being the best version of yourself because today is all that you have!”- Soulanterns


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